StarSeeker Games’ second birthday

It’s hard to believe, but today 11th January 2021 Starseeker Games turns two years old already!

It has been a very challenging year, severely affected by Covid-19 which for most part of it has kept us away from our families and from our social activities.

Even though this year it hasn’t been possible to participate in any board games fair, Starseeker Games didn’t just sit and watch! It has actually tried to make the most out of these challenging and unpredictable times.

Here is a quick summary of what happened during 2020:

  • Fox on the Run has finally been published by Beezarre Games, as a result of a very successful campaign on Kickstarter. Most of its supporters have already received their own copies of the game.I am very satisfied with the quality of this product. It is now possible to buy the game directly through Beezarre Games website.
  • As mentioned last year, Starseeker Games has entered the world of the Apps development as well, thanks to its first digital game Quetzal, which will be soon made available in Beta version on Google Play.
  • Frogs and Toads, an abstract game set in a pond, can  be downloaded for free through this website in Print and Play format. A dedicated page will be soon added to this website.

  • The Cross, a “double” puzzle, is also available on this webstite in Print and Play format.

  • Quite a few new game concepts have born. As of today, only two of them will be explored and potentially developed into real projects.

  • Many new followers on Instagram

Other activities will still have to wait for better Covid-free times, such as Birmingham BoardGame Jam, Xibalba and Crossbones playtests along with Brawling expansion and any other events related to the ludic world.

2021 opens with a slow and both uncertain recovery, which still forces us to organize our activities in a more dynamic way.

Instead of writing down my 2021 Resolutions list , this year I have decided to move forward with Starseeker Games day by day, choosing the best way to follow according to the times.

For this reason, this year I am planning to publish short but frequent updates, to keep you posted on everything.

As per above, my first step this year will be to publish my digital game Quetzal on Google Play. Development is going very well!

See you soon!