The Cross

The Cross is a puzzle which consists in fitting shapes inside of rectangular frames. Players have to go through three different challenges with increasing difficulty level.


  • Play and win all three challenges of The Cross

  • Each challenge comes with new and more difficult challenges

  • Available for paper and 3D printing

Start with the easiest challenge: find the right combination and fit all 9 red pieces inside the smallest rectangular frame.

Now try and solve the second challenge of the puzzle: be creative and find the right combination for all 15 blue pieces.

Did you make it? Well done! Now it is time to face the most difficult challenge: try and fill completely the biggest rectangular frame with all red and blue pieces, and the Cross!

Players: 1
Age: 10+

Puzzle Dynamics

  • Find the right configuration
  • 3 different challenges


  • 9 Red pieces
  • 15 Blue pieces
  • The Cross
  • 3 Challenge boxes