UpdatesThe new Quetzal is here! The new version of Quetzal is now available on Google Play. Discover how the project evolved and download the app for free! 29/7/2021
UpdatesStarSeeker Games’ second birthday It is already StarSeeker Games' second birthday! Here is a summary of what happened over this weird yet interesting 2020. 22/3/2021
UpdatesUpdate: autumn 2020 The last few months of this year literally flew by. Summer brought a lot of art and creativity. Let's see what happened! 5/11/2020
UpdatesFox on the Run is now on Kickstarter! The day has finally come: Fox on the Run Kickstarter campaign is now live! Discover all details and preorder your copy now! 16/6/2020
UpdatesFoxes to the rescue! Here we go! It is time to officially announce a great collaboration with Beezare Games to bring Fox on the Run on Kickstarter very soon! 18/4/2020
Beyond the gameBrawlings: from idea to game A few details about Brawlings design process. Discover how the first game ideas, mechanics and character design evolved into the final product. 5/4/2020