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bendy bob and letters Beyond the gameThe “Taboo” of board games Taboo is one of the most famous board games. Learn how to play and discover many great tricks to have fun with you friends and family! 29/11/2022
count down mode header UpdatesCountdown – Quetzal new game mode Discover all the details about the new game mode in Quetzal: Countdown! Available for free from mid-April. 31/3/2022
Winter Holidays UpdatesQuetzal v1.10 – Winter holidays Quetzal 1.10 is now available on Google Play. This Winter holidays update includes new features and improved user experience. 10/12/2021
quetzal hero banner UpdatesThe new Quetzal is here! The new version of Quetzal is now available on Google Play. Discover how the project evolved and download the app for free! 29/7/2021