Quetzal is a word-guessing game inspired by Pictionary and Taboo that brings all the fun of evenings spent with your family and friends on you mobile phone.

In order to play, you only need pen, paper and some friends. Quetzal will care about everything else: tracking the score, generating words and keeping the time!

It is free to play, with two game modes and more than 750 words. You can also expand it, unlocking new game modes and thematic word packages, greatly increasing replayability!


  • Multiple game modes
  • 15+ expansion packs
  • Great replayability
  • Thousands of words to play with
  • Free to play

Play with thousands of words in five different game modes: Classic mode, Time Attack, BuzzWord, Countdown and WordChain

Playing time: 15 minutes
Players: 2 – 4 teams
Age: 8+

Game Dynamics

  • Word game
  • Draw and Mimic
  • Team game


  • Quetzal Android app