House of Tudor

house of tudor hero

In House of Tudor players are virtuous constructors. The goal of the game is – guess what – building the facade of a Tudor Style house.

Buy tiles from the market and place your bid at the auction house to get the best roofs, but don’t forget to leave some space for windows!

Design your house with the help of bonus tiles and special actions to generate the most Style Points and win the game.

house of tudor components


  • Build the most beautiful Tudor-style facade for your house
  • Carefully choose doors, roofs and other features to earn Style Points
  • Break the rules using your coins
house of tudor example

House of Tudor is a tile placement game in which planning is key.

The game consists of 9 rounds. In each one, players will use their actions to get tiles from the middle of the table and place them on their Facade Board .

house of tudor logo

Playing time: 30 minutes
Players: 2 – 4
Age: 12+

Game dynamics

  • Tile placement
  • Get the most points at the end of the game
  • Rule breaking
  • Special actions


  • Market Board
  • 4 Facade Boards
  • Game Advancement Track
  • Game Advancement Token
  • 4 Door Tiles
  • Special action selector disc
  • 4 Action Selection tokens
  • 6 Big Roofs 
  • 8 Small Roofs
  • 112 Facade Tiles (28 per type)
  • 44 Bonus Tiles
  • 4 Bonus Selection meeples
  • 20 Window Tiles
  • 50 coins
  • Director token
  • 5 Selection Pyramids
  • Score sheet
  • Rules


  • Coming soon