Update: autumn 2020

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last update. After summer holidays and lockdown, several months flew by in the most unusual and unexpected way.

As we all unfortunately know, Covid-19 keeps spreading all around the world, restricting and significantly changing social activities including the ludic one.

Cancellations of the most important European and worldwide board game exhibitions followed, forcing some of them to adopt a digital approach and create “virtual” editions accessible via social networks.

Although these events had a pretty good success, I did not feel like participating in any of them and I preferred focusing on other aspects of my hobbies instead.

Last summer holidays, mainly while I was in Sicily, I spent most of my time sculpting. During that time creations like “Legnomarino”, “Pot head”, “Broken Dog”, “Viso d’argilla” came to life, along with many others.

I explored different materials and techniques, from wood and Sculpy to clay and rock.

Creating shapes from raw materials has some kind of magic: it pushes you to see beyond the raw block and discover what is already there but is hidden to your eye.

I got closer to the world of drawing as well, particularly in October when I participated in Inktober initiative. 

For those not familiar with it, Inktober was created by the artist John Parker more than 10 years ago. At first it came up as an easy way to steadily develop your own creativity, over time the idea took over and many other people started to embrace it.

Drawing 31 different subjects related to as many different words turned out to be both fun and challenging, as it allowed me to improve my technical and creative skills. I will probably join even the next year!

If you are curious feel free to check my Instagram profile @captain_jack_parrot to take a look to all my drawings and some of the previously mentioned sculptures.

And I’m not finished yet! If on the one hand art nearly took over, on the other programming as well made vigorously its way up. I am happy to announce that works for Quetzal 2 have finally started (for more than 6 months already actually…)!

What’s Quetzal 2? 

Well, let’s get started by saying that Quetzal 2 implies the existence of Quetzal 1, or just Quetzal, a digital board game that has been available on Google Play for quite a few years. Click on the icon below to download it!

Quetzal is a word-guessing game inspired by Pictionary and Taboo that brings all the fun of evenings spent with your family and friends on you mobile phone.

The original project was designed with the help of my dear friend Marco Perna, who was in charge of the whole digital development.

The second chapter of Quetzal will consist of all those functions already existing in the first one, plus a renewed graphic, other small improvements and it will be developed in a more modern environment as well.

Eventually new game modes will follow, along with further expansions and much more!

One more thing needs to be mentioned: for all this time I have never stopped designing and developing traditional board games!

In a few days another update regarding board games and StarSeeker Games projects will be published.

Stay tuned!