In Xibalba players have to cooperate to obtain the divine favour which will allow them to save humanity from its premature end. 

The High Priest role can be covered by one player only. This character is the only one allowed to rearrange the Great Stone Calendar following the other participants hints who, in the guise of Diviners, will be in direct contact with the four Mayan Deities.

Play against time and choose among three difficulty levels, with unique mechanics and challenges!

Will the High Priest succeed in interpreting the Gods will following the Diviners hints? It doesn’t sound easy at all! Also because the High Priest is not allowed to take part to their decision making.


  • Collaborative game
  • 2 asymmetric roles
  • 3 difficulty levels, each one featuring an additional mechanic
  • Wear the exclusive High Priest Headdress!
  • Take note of the clues given by the Diviners and test you deduction skills
  • Run against time!

The game flow in XIbalba consists of two alternating phases:

  • Diviners place clues on the Great Stone Calendar. During this phase the High Priest will wear the Headdress as a blindfold.
  • The High Priest moves the Headdress back to its normal position and looks at the clues placed by the Diviners: after a accurate interpretation, they will rearrange the elements on the calendar, trying not to make any mistake.

Playing time: 10 – 30 minutes
Players: 2 -5
Age: 12+

Game Dynamics

  • Collaboration
  • Asymmetric roles
  • Deduction
  • Solve the puzzle before the time runs out!


  • Game board
  • Phase 1 cards
  • Phase 2 cards
  • Phase 3 cards
  • 4 card stands
  • High Priest headdress
  • High Priest note pad
  • 2 turn counters
  • 4 Clue cubes
  • 9 Clue pins (3 for each color)
  • 16 Phase 1 dices
  • 16 Phase 2 tiles
  • 24 Phase 3 tiles

Also requires

  • Xibalba Hourglass App or any other timer