Frogs and Toads in Quarantine

Following the Coronavirus outbreak, important preventive and precautionary measures have been put in place from almost everyone. Of all restrictions adopted, quarantine looks like the toughest one!

In most cases people are not used to stay home for too long, both because of their daily routine or because of their jobs. 
Finding other ways to make the most out of this newly gained free time, is not easy at all!

Of course you can focus on many different activities to keep yourself busy during the day. Such as cooking, watching movies and Tv Series, reading, etc..

Today I would like to talk about Board Games from a different point of view. 

During this strange and very challenging time, this activity can be considered as a nice and original way to spend some quality time with your family. You can have fun all together and, (why not?), even fights whether needed!

Over the last few days I have designed a new abstract game for 2- 4 players, a simple entertainment for kids and adults. 

This story takes place in a pond populated by frogs and toads, hence the name of the game Frogs and Toads.

The goal of the game is to create groups of frogs and toads of your color, with at least one of them on the opposite side of the board from when you start. 

Each turn consists of moving one of your tokens on an adjacent water lily, making frogs jump on toads and vice versa to cover big distances.

If you are curious, have a look below to find all the game files.

All of them can be downloaded for free and printed out straight away. 
Ready to be played at home!

To print game boards and tokens my advice is to use cardboard or thick papers.

If you already have plastic or wooden tokens with you, you can even try to print out the stickers and apply them!

Along with this article you will find videos showing how to play the game from 2 up to 4  players (unfortunately I am not able to show you a match with more than 2 people due to the current quarantine condition!)

If you have any questions or feedbacks, please feel free to contact me on Starseeker Games social pages or send me a message.

Enjoy this brand new Board Game and have fun!