Your expandable pocket-sized boardgame.
Draw, mime and much, much more!

Play with thousands words in many different game modes.

Thousands of words

Have fun with more than 4500 words. Every update brings new contents and increases replayability.

Multiple game modes

Play in Classic Mode, Time Attack, BuzzWord, Countdown or Word Chain.

Expansion packages

Unlock new words and game modes from the shop. More than 15 expansion packages available!

Game modes


Classic mode

In this mode you have to draw or mime the secret word to your teammates and let them guess it.
Talking or writing is not allowed: if you do so the word counts as not guessed!

Time attack

Similar to Classic mode, but with a twist: each team has an overall amount of time for the whole match to guess as many words as possible.
Every second spent during a turn is subtracted from the total amount of time at your team’s disposal. 


Try to verbally describe as many secret words as possible avoiding using any of the listed forbidden words.

EXTRA Download our free Buzzer App from Google Play on another device and make your game experience even funnier!


Verbally describe as many secret words as possible, but watch out: you can only say a limited amount of words each turn!
word chain screen

Word Chain

Verbally describe a chain of seven words using the least amount of time possible to get a high score.

EXTRA Download our free Buzzer App from Google Play on another device and make your game experience even funnier!

How to play

Choose a game mode

Choose your favourite game mode among the five available

Setup your game

Choose how many teams are in play, their battle name and many other options.

Time for action

Describe the secret word to your team by drawing, by miming or verbally.

Score points

Earn points depending on the difficulty of the word or time spent during your turn.

Pass the device

You need just one device to play Quetzal. Pass it to the next player when your turn is over.

And the winner is...

The team that scores the most points wins the game. Now, let's play again!

A digital boardgame, not a videogame

The main purpose of Quetzal is to keep the social aspect of boardgames alive.

Quetzal is not a videogame, but a digital boardgame: it removes the hassle of bringing physical components with you, so you can focus on having fun.

people playing charades

Multi language

Play in English and Italian. Quetzal is a super fun way to improve your vocabulary!

Free to play

The game is free to play and comes with more than 750 words at no extra cost, bundled in 5 word packages.

Fully customisable

Each match can be easily setup in many different ways to get a great game experience.

Made with React Native and love by gamers for gamers.

StarSeeker Games – 2021