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Countdown – Quetzal new game mode

As we already mentioned in one of the past articles, Quetzal next update will bring a brand new game mode: “Countdown“, that will be available for free from mid-April!

Version 1.13 of the game is currently in test phase and will be premiered at Romics, the next event StarSeeker Games will be present at from 7th to 10th in Rome.

How does it work?

Playing in Countdown mode is pretty simple: describe as many secret words as possible to your team during your turn.

Similar in some ways to BuzzWord mode (and to the famous game Taboo), Countdown‘s challenge relies on one single, important rule:

You can only say a limited amount of words for the whole turn!

In fact, every time you say any word (exception made for “Yes“, “No“, “Almost” and the category of the secret word), you will have to deduct one clue word from the ones at your disposal.

Once you run out of clue words or time, your turn ends and your team earn points depending on the number of correctly guessed words.

Example: the first secret word to describe is “Dog”. Daisy uses “Animal” as a free clue word, then she continues by saying “Man” – “Best” – “Friend”. Her team answers “Dog” and guesses correctly. The turn proceeds with the next word.

During a turn, the opponent team checks that no mistake is made (optionally annoying everyone with a Buzzer) and that used words are correctly counted.

The team with the highest score wins the game.


Quetzal reaches another important milestone.
Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the game development and testing, always giving precious feedbacks.

If you haven’t already, you can download Quetzal for free from Google Play by clicking the button below.

Speak you soon,