In Crossbones, players are in charge of a rowdy pirate crew in a journy to discover nine mysterious islands.

The goal of the game is to get doubloons and victory points by accomplishing different types of missions, in order to boast prestigious titles.

Each captain can expand and enhance their fleet to get more control on the sea and plunder the enemy ships.

Choose your play style: will you be a bloodthirsty pirate, a treasure hunter or a brave explorer?


  • Modular game board
  • Quick and dynamic turns
  • 3 types of missions, each with different rules
  • 9 thematic islands, all with a strong characterization
  • Fleet development system
  • Many ways to interact with your opponents

Sail and explore the world of Crossbones: find treasures, find missing people and fight the most wanted pirates. 

Does anyone dare hinder your plans? Make them taste the steel of your swords and cannons in intense ship battles!

Playing time: 15 minutes per player
Players: 2 – 4
Age: 12+

Game Dynamics

  • Explore
  • Get Victory Points
  • Enhance your fleet
  • Attack and plunder your opponents


  • 12 ships
  • 12 ship boards
  • 9 captain sheets
  • 7 gameboard modules  
  • 48 pirate tokes
  • 12 dice
  • 80 doubloons
  • 16 rubies
  • 72 island cards
  • 72 city cards
  • 60 parameter counters
  • 10 prestige cards
  • 4 cannon shot counters
  • Cannon shot template