Fox on the Run is now on Kickstarter!

The day has finally come!

Fox on the Run Kickstarter campaign  is now officially up and running!

From the 16th of June until the 16th of July, Starseeker Games and BeeZarre Games will be presenting their brand new project, along with many other surprises and contents.

In addition to pre-ordering your own copy of Fox on the Run, if you decide to partecipate in our campaign you can also get our exclusive gadgets, side with the Foxes or the Guardians during our social challenges and, last but not least, unlock all the stretch goals along with the extra characters!

Thanks to your support, you will help us to bring Indigo, Scarlett, Zev and Puffer on your table, and with them the magical fairy tale that unites them in the mysterious Mannix forest.

If you are curious about this project, visit Fox on the Run official page. You will find a draft of the rulebook and all the reviews.

Partecipate in the campaign by click on the button below:

Have fun and see you in Mannix forest!