winter holidays 2022

Quetzal v1.16 – Winter Holidays

Ready for the new festive season? We wish you much relax and fun with your families and friends.

We also have a wonderful present for you all: a new Quetzal update, with lots of new features that we hope will bring lots of laughter to your game nights!

What’s new?

  • Word Chain mode: you can find all the details in the previous article
  • 120 Word Chains: The Word Chain mode comes with 120 chains at the launch date. Many more will be added in later updates
  • Event calendar: the festive season cannot be called festive without presents. Until the end of 2022, StarSeeker Games will be offering gifts and surprises. All details will be shared on Instagram. Follow our account to make sure you don’t miss any updates!
    Here’s the calendar of events:
winter holiday calendar
  • New CMS: The game’s content management system (CMS) has been rewritten from scratch using modern technology. It is now much easier to add new words into Quetzal
  • Improved quality of content: one of the benefits gained from using the new CMS is the ease with which errors or mistranslations can now be detected. Consequently, the quality of word packages in Italian and English has improved considerably
  • Better tablet support: we changed the way how the layout adapts to wider screens, so that it fits better on tablets and foldable devices
  • Better support for Android 13: some small changes were necessary to adapt the app to new Android versions
  • Bugfix

Download the game by clicking the button below and have fun with your friends this winter holidays!

Future updates

We plan to release new word packages in early 2023, as well as minor improvements and bugfixes.

We are also working on a new project! This time it will be a single-player game, playable from the browser and most likely also from mobile phones and tablets.

We will keep you updated!

Find more details on the project page.

To leave any feedback or suggestion, please send us a message or contact us on Facebook or Instagram. Everyone who will help the project will be added to the greetings page.

See you soon!