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New game: Master Swapper

Introducing a New Puzzle Game: Master Swapper by StarSeeker Games!

You can play it for free online by clicking the button below (or directly from the convenient link on the homepage).

What is it?

Master Swapper puts your strategic and logical thinking skills to the test, whether you are a casual player looking for a quick mental challenge or a veteran seeking difficult puzzles to solve.

The main objective of the game is to guess the secret combination by strategically swapping the positions of the tiles. You can choose from four different difficulty levels that gradually increase the complexity of the challenge.

Game mechanics

By tapping on a tile, you can select it and then tap on another tile to swap their positions. The challenge lies in deciphering the correct sequence of tiles to reveal the secret combination. After each swap, the tiles will change color, providing important clues about their positions.

A tile turns green when its position is correct. Conversely, a tile turns yellow when it is in the correct row or column but not in the right position. Finally, a tile turns red when both the row and column are incorrect. Use this feedback to plan your next moves.

Once you find the solution, you will be assigned a score based on the time taken and the number of moves used. Try to beat your record!

Coming soon

We aim to further improve the game based on player feedback and preferences. Here is a list of upcoming features we would like to introduce in Master Swapper:

  • Objectives: Complete specific tasks or solve puzzles within a limited number of moves to earn medals and unlock extra in-game features.
  • Precision Score: This bonus will reward efficient use of clues obtained by swapping tile positions.
  • Native Mobile App: We are diligently working on creating a native mobile app for Android, bringing the exciting gaming experience of Master Swapper directly to your smartphone or tablet.

Behind the scenes

Here are some details for those interested in the technical aspect of the project:

  • The game project is structured as a monorepo, allowing efficient reuse of functionalities on both web and mobile platforms, reducing the need to rewrite extensive portions of code.
  • Animations are managed through Framer Motion.
  • The game utilises Firebase for authentication and cloud saving. Thanks to this integration, players can maintain their settings, progress, and game history across different devices.
  • Local data management is facilitated by Redux Toolkit.
  • The game implements Mixpanel for event tracking, enabling the developer to gather valuable insights into player behaviour and preferences.


Master Swapper is currently in Beta version. The core gameplay is smooth and quite solid, but there may still be a few minor bugs to be resolved. Stay tuned for upcoming updates!

Enjoy and have a great time playing.

See you soon,