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Winter Holidays 2023 – What’s new?

t’s hard to believe, but we’re already on the threshold of a new year. 2023 marked a significant development phase for StarSeeker Games.

We ventured into the realm of Unity, diligently exploring the world of game development. Unity’s vast potential opens numerous new avenues, exponentially enhancing the potential of our storytelling and the overall gaming experience.

This represents a great opportunity as some projects from StarSeeker Games could potentially become full-fledged video games.

News and updates

Before delving into future projects, let’s see what the present has to offer:

The new update for Quetzal brings many exciting features:

  • The in-app purchase system has been completely rewritten. Visually, this doesn’t bring any changes for the end user, but it makes the transition smoother and more robust. However, due to this modification, some users might need to restore their previously unlocked content. For this eventuality, a button has been added to the main screen to facilitate content recovery.
  • A new word package is now available: Food! Given the nature of the content, this pack is only available in Italian.
  • To celebrate the Winter Holidays with you, many contents can be unlocked at a special price.
  • Dozens of new BuzzWords and Word Chains!
  • Small graphic updates to refresh the app’s look.

You can download Quetzal by clicking the button below:

Future projects

As mentioned earlier, the near future of StarSeeker Games holds some very interesting prospects:

  • Master Swapper has taken a bit of a back seat in recent months. The web version of the game is always available on the site’s homepage and here, but a mobile version might arrive on Google Play in the early months of 2024.
  • We are designing a new word game that will serve as the spiritual successor to Quetzal. This project will be designed for both solo and group play.
  • We are also considering creating a digital version of some board games already presented on this site. Currently, Brawlings and Waddle Waddle are the top candidates.


StarSeeker Games looks forward to the future with enthusiasm, venturing into new worlds and creative possibilities. Stay tuned!

Have fun,