Beyond the game

Brawlings – Alternative rules

Brawlings has been officially launched. It is the first modular card game by StarSeeker Games.

Besides the official rules, it’s possibile to play using different rules and substantially change the flow of the game.

In the list below, which will be constantly updated, you will find all the alternative rules designed by the author and the community.

Would you like to add your ideas to this list or ask something about one of these alternative rules? Send me a message or contact me through Instagram or Facebook.

The Great Brawl: When the game starts, players create just one Brawl in the middle of the table, instead of one per player. Players will play the whole game into that Brawl. This setup is suggested for 2 players games.

Quick attack: Brawlings can be damaged even during the turn a player plays them from their hand into a Brawl, an therefore they can be collected without waiting until the next turn.

Die Hard: Brawlings are immune to base damage. They can only be damaged using their weaknesses.

Poker: Each player can choose 4 Champions instead of 3.

Nemesys: Brawlings automatically get knocked out as soon a player plays another Brawling of which colour or type matches exactly their weaknesses.
ie. A Brawling that is weak exclusively to Demons would instantly get knocked out as soon a player plays any Demon into its Brawl.
A Brawling that is weak to Blue AND Beasts would instantly get knocked out a Blue Beast is played instead.

The best of the worst: Everyone is good at scoring the most points. What if the goal was the exact opposite? The player who scores the LEAST points ad the end of the game wins!

Big hand: Instead of having 3 cards in their hand and drawing a card at the end of each turn, players can use their whole deck as their hand from the beginning of the game.