Winter Holidays 2021

Quetzal v1.10 – Winter holidays

Even this year the holiday season has finally arrived. We wish you all relaxing and joyful times with you families and friends.

We also have a fantastic gift for you: a new Quetzal update, with many new features that we hope will bring much happiness in your game nights!

What’s new?

  • Taboo streak: at the end of each Taboo turn a team will earn bonus points based on the length of the longest correctly guessed words streak.
  • 100+ new Taboo words
  • Game records: at the end of the game, besides team scores and winner’s name, you will now be able to see game records depending on the played game mode, such as “Longest taboo streak”, “Quickest word” and many others. More to come!
  • On-screen drawing (Beta): finally, a feature many of you requested for a long time! You can choose to stick to the good ol’ pen and paper or try out the new on-screen sketchpad. Available in Classic Mode and Time Attack Mode.
  • Report issue: something is wrong in Quetzal? You can now send us a message straight from the app. We will make our best to fix the issue as soon as possible.
  • Interface improvements: smoother animations, improved usability, better user experience on smaller screens.
  • Bugfix

Download the game by clicking the button below and have fun with your friends in this holidays season!

What’s next?

The next Quetzal update will probably bring a new game mode.

Before this however, the “content management” part of Quetzal (internally used by our team, not by the users) will be rewritten from scratch using new technologies. We still don’t know how long this upgrade will take, but once finished it will be much easier to add and update contents in Quetzal.

We will keep you posted!

Find more details on the project page.

To leave any feedback or suggestion, please send me a message or contact me on Facebook or Instagram. Everyone who will help the project will be added to the greetings page.

See you soon!