Foxes to the rescue!

Here we go! It is time to officially announce a great collaboration with Beezarre Games to bring Fox on the Run on Kickstarter very soon!

I really want to say Thank You to all those who are participating in this challenging project. We are nearly there, despite the Coronavirus outbreak has considerably slowed down our plans and limited our participation to board game events and fairs.

Anyways, we are not giving up! We have decided to make the most out of this extra time by perfectioning the board game components and graphics.

step into the forest

Our Team consists of:

  • Giuseppe Morandi and Nicole Pallares from Beezarre Games. You may already know them from their cards game Venture
  • Sara Fornì, our fantastic illustrator. Click here to see her Instagram page. She made the above illustration as well!
  • Alessia  Di Vittorio who will focus on the project graphics and on the Kickstarter campaign 
  • And of course me, Salvo Guastella, creator of Fox on the Run

If you want to know more about the game, click here to find all details and rules of the original project.

If you want to follow our foxes, leave a like on the Facebook official page.

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Stay tuned!